I spent half of my life in France, and the other in the United States. I'm passionate about Health, Climate Change, Technology, Music, and Soccer, among many things. I got my education by graduating from The Ohio State University in 2009. I received a B.A. in Economic Development Studies and Persian Studies. While Foreign Affairs and International Studies were a huge interest of mine in the past (it still kind of is), I eventually became drawn to Technology. I am currently on my second assignment with Intel, now as a Data Analyst. I've previously worked there as a Business Analyst. Prior to that, I worked for a Software Company owned by AutoZone (ALLDATA), also worked for Google via a temp agency, and even for BMW Financial Services. While I consider myself a "French/Persian" person, I have now spend more years in the U.S. than in France. I've become americanized over the years. I guess these 3 cultures are important to me. France holds a deep place in my heart since that is where I spent my childhood. I am a French native speaker. I speak Persian conversationally. Given that I am from 3 corners of the globe, I have an unique perspective on everything. Magazines that I read are the Harvard Business Review, New Yorker, and The Economist. I listen to electronic music, alternative, indie, and hip-hop. As far as Social Media, I like Twitter a lot. Great place where I enjoy curating content, whether it has to do with Technology, Music, and Soccer or what have you. Favorite DJ at the moment? Eric Prydz. Favorite book? Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Favorite quote? "Strive to be better today than you were yesterday."